Maltese Cooking Classes

You are invited into my home where we will prepare Pastizzi.

My family recipe will yield the taste of our notorious local snack and whip up unforgettable moments, whilst keeping Maltese traditions alive.

This experience is as much about history as it is about food. My mission is to leave each of you feeling: Excited, informed and loving Malta even more by sharing my family recipe!

See You Soon!🤩


In my kitchen you will discover the secrets behind The Perfect Pastizzi 👌.

Did you know that they are still made by hand?

In fact, the preparation of Pastizzi is considered an art and once our aprons are on you will replicate these traditional techniques to prepare your own dough .

Together, we will also learn about the two staple fillings, Ricotta and Curried Pea and try beat the world record of the fastest Pastizzi maker.

Finally we will end our experience munching away at our freshly baked Pastizzi.

What's Included


Pastizzi are crispy and

flaky pastries stuffed with

a pea or cheese filling

Soft Drink Illustration


Tea, kinnie & beer

Rolling pin and whisk



and kitchen utensils

A Pastizzi Experience

Join me for a Once in a life time experience, where you and other travellers will learn the Art of Pastizzi!



Traveling solo?

Reserve your spot, join a multicultural group and make new friends!

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Hey, I'm Michela, that's me in the middle.

Meet my nanna and baby girl Hazel, two crucial drivers for why I host these experiences.

My granma is always on about how Malta isn't the same any more, and, well, I want Hazel to know and be proud

of her Maltese heritage.

With my background of EFL Teaching and my BA degree in Tourism & Culture hosting these experiences has just come naturally to me and have been my best career years enabling me to explore and celebrate the unique flavours the island has to offer.

Can't wait to share this experience with you!



“Wonderful experience when you come to Malta. Pastizzi is something you MUST try when you come to Malta. When you try it why not be the one to make it! This experience really helped show everything that goes into making it. The best thing was that the ones we made were definitely the best I have tried in Malta! Mikela is a wonderful host and made us feel at home as soon as we arrived. I felt like I just walked into a friends house and started cooking! 10/10 would highly recommend!”...

Ross, US 2023.

We loved meeting and baking with Mikela and the other guests. The experience was great fun and well planned. A highlight of our time in Malta...

Julia, Uk 2021

Amazing experience, did this with my family and 3 kids aged 13, 11 and 6. Mikhaela was incredibly engaging with them and made it a really fun experience. The end product was tastier than any of the other Pastizzi that we tried in Malta. All in all a lovely evening (see more ... )

Ricki, UK 2022.

Blog Posts


The story behind Maltese Pastizzi


Act like a Local; Top 5 things to do in Malta

Blog: The story behind Maltese Pastizzi

Why Maltese don't make Pastizzi at home? 🤔

Maltese people love their pastizzi, that's for sure! These tasty little delicacies have been a staple of Maltese cuisine for centuries, But have you ever wondered why Maltese people don't make pastizzi at home?

Well, the main reason is pretty straightforward - they're just too cheap not to buy from one of the many Pastizzerias. With their tempting smell wafting from basically every corner, let's face it, how can you resist? 🤤

But really there is also another reason, which is that we have no clue how to make them🤷‍♀️. For years we have left it to the professionals, who honed their craft and produce the perfect pastizzi.

Now listen up to the real truth behind this ...😯

Many Maltese did not have ovens at home. So Pastizzi or any baked goods which were prepared by housewives for some special occasions such as the village feast, Christmas or Carnival, had to be taken to the local bakery early in the morning to get cooked.

Domestic ovens were only introduced to the Maltese island after World War ll when simultaneously eating out was booming! 💥💥

Image: Dimitri's,Strada Rjali, Valletta post WW ll

Pastizzi were being sold at Dimitri in Strada Rjali, Valletta, which became famous when the island was well known for ‘Large ricotta Pastizzi with two crispy edges’ and became a big hit.

Queues of people would head down there and munch on their go-to snack.

Shortly after this big boom mass production took over and pastizzi were being bought to share during parties, thus, being made less and less at home, making most of us pretty illiterate on the topic.

Making pastizzi from scratch is a dying trade, but those who know how to create them by hand are keeping the art alive 😉.

Would YOU like to keep the Maltese tradition alive and learn how to make delicious homemade Pastizzi?


Blog: Act like a Local? Top 5 things to do in Malta

Authentic ways

to immerse yourself

in Maltese Culture:

A local's guide for tourists 📍


Are you planning a trip to Malta but want to experience the island like a local?


Have you gone through numerous blog posts but can only find information on the typical tourist hot spots?

Well, look no further! I've got you covered 😉.

Yes, Malta is tiny but rich with history and vibrant culture just waiting for you to explore and enjoy just as we locals do. From the charming architecture to the delicious cuisine, there is no shortage of things to do and see.

However, to get a real taste of the local culture, you need to know:

and are in luck I'm here to give you some insider access but hey make sure it stays between me and you! 🤫🤐

where to go

what to do

1️⃣ Golden hour

As the day winds down, you should put watching sunset 🌅on your list of must-do activities.

With so many beaches and viewpoints, it's hard to choose where to go, but each one is simply stunning.

The vibrant oranges, pinks and yellows painted across the sky are something to behold and the perfect way to end an adventurous day in Malta.

My favourite spot? Hard to say basically at any cliff edge, which we have many of.

2️⃣ Support Local farmers and be part of a community

Agreed, support local has/ is a trending buzz word but really there's nothing nicer than heading down to the veg box at the 🧑‍🌾Farmoury in Manikata and having a chat with a friendly face. Here they sell local, organic produce.

It wouldn't be the first time I go there after days work,

buy a box of fresh strawberries🍓 or homemade chocolate 🍫 and go for a walk to find a spot to catch sunset.

And all of a sudden I'm having an impromptu picnic with some of my friends that i have randomly bumped into.

3️⃣ Become one with the great outdoors (kayak🛶)

One of the best ways to make the most of Malta's beautiful scenery is by having picnics🧺.

From the stunning beaches with crystal clear waters to the breathtaking views of the countryside, there are numerous ideal locations for picnics in Malta.

Whether you pack your own basket or choose to just buy a bag of Pastizzi, you're guaranteed to enjoy a delicious meal😋 with a view.

Picnics, however, are not an all-year-round thing,

when the wheater starts warming up and the seas

get calmer, it's time to get the kayaks out or find the nearest watersports equipment rental shop.

Now, don't tell anyone🤫 but down at Gnejna bay

is where you want to be. Their rentals are cheap and you can reach my favourite spot on the island, Fomm

ir-rih. My friends and I call it the dolce and gabana spot where the waters are crystal-blue.

4️⃣Go on a mini Road Trip 🚗

Do you know the fun part about this island❓

Yes, it's true, it is a small island BUT that's what makes it a perfect place to explore it all and in a short period of time! In fact, did you know that in only one day, you can drive around the entire island and discover hundreds of different beautiful spots among traditional localities, stunning beaches, cliffs and long promenades❓

You definitely won't get bored or feel tired from the road because literally every 20 minutes you can make a quick stop and visit something new🤩!

Now the question is: Must I Really Drive? Yes, even though the bus system here in Malta is pretty good, some areas like Migra Il-Ferha are just not accessible without a car.

My advice, skip the traffic and avoid Sliema, St. Julian's and the Coast Road especially on a Sunday.

So hey face your fears, tick one off the bucket list and drive on the other side of the road!

I do suggest you go on a mini road trip, especially during winter or shoulder months.

Why? Because you can leverage your enjoyment by standing under the sun and not getting a burn, feeling that warm breeze caressing your skin while enjoying scenic panoramas❓

Now, that's what I call true happiness😌!

5️⃣Take a Maltese cooking class🧏‍♀️

From Baroque churches to fortified cities, there is something for everyone to explore on the beautiful island of Malta. But what truly sets this Mediterranean gem apart is its delicious cuisine 🍲.

If you're a foodie, then you must take a Maltese cooking class during your visit. You caught me😏, yes, some might say I am biased but learning how to create traditional dishes like Pastizzi while immersing yourself in the rich culinary history of Malta is a must!

Us Maltese love to eat and home-cooked meals are a must! So come join me and you'll leave with not only a full stomach but also a newfound appreciation 🧏‍♀️ for authentic Maltese cooking techniques and flavours.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to taste and learn about the island's culinary heritage.

If you liked this post and got a bit more curious 🧐about being a true local in Malta then what are you waiting for? start with the right activity and join me for an unforgettable Pastizzi experience 😁!


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Where we

will meet


Triq Tal-Katidral Tas-Sliema

I reside and do all my cooking in the heart of Sliema. My family is local to the area. So local that we all live within the same building that my grandpa built in the 70’s.

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